Environmentalists Sue to Block Biden Gas Leases

Back in June, a federal judge lifted a moratorium imposed by Joe Biden to halt leasing to drill for fossil fuels on federal lands and off-shore. In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty, stated that two federal laws require the Interior Department to sell on and offshore oil and gas leases. Shortly after the ruling, Biden announced the sale of new oil and gas leases.

According to the Washington Times, environmentalist groups sued to block the actions in federal court citing their conflict with Biden’s so-called climate agenda. Additionally, Biden has been stalling in issuing the leases in which the Interior Department states there will be no fossil fuel lease sales for the rest of the year.

The official story for the delays is concerns due to climate change. But, the reality, is Biden’s radical Interior Secretary won’t have anything to do with the production and extraction of fossil fuels due to her hatred of capitalism and freedom. In the meantime, people who need to work are left out in the cold while Biden goes begging to OPEC hoping they’ll bail him out.