Greta Leads Typical Bait-And-Switch At Cop26

The ever lovin’ Greta Thunberg lead a crowd of young climate protesters at the Cop26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland recently and even used a curse-laden chant to boot. According to the London Times, Wednesday Addams … er … Pippy Longstocking … er … Greta Thunberg is quoted as saying:

“Inside Cop there are politicians pretending to take our future seriously,” Thunberg told the gathering in Cessnock’s Festival Park. “We say no more blah-blah-blah, no more exploitation of people, nature and the planet. No more whatever the f*** they’re doing inside there.”

The London Times also reports a number of demonstrations took place hosted by the green groups, such as Extinction Rebellion, that even went so far as to try to disrupt a dinner for heads of state.

As far as Greta was concerned, her protest was not spontaneous and is part of the typical bait-and-switch the left conducts. During 2019, The London Times made a very revealing discovery about Thunberg and her backers who are, most likely, making a fortune with their modern day green prophet.

The Times revealed Greta was discovered by none other than Ingmar Rentzhog who was trained by Al Gore’s green nonprofits and wanted to pattern his money making after Mr. Bozo Ozone Man himself, Meanwhile, Greta’s mother sought to get her piece of the action by publishing a book on how their environmentalist activism saved their family

The Times essentially reported that Ingmar Rentzhog and company copied Al Gore’s methods on how to make money. Greta Thunberg was their ticket to paradise and no doubt they and Greta’s mom cash in with their wealthy Leftist backers to help pick up the tab. 

Greta was greeted at the U.N. conference she attended two years ago where she delivered her alleged scolding of world leaders on the issue of climate change. Her outrage now like it was then is nothing more than a cynical public relations ploy to make the climate conference policy makers look moderate while she tries to play the role of radical outsider.

PHOTO CREDIT: By Anders Hellberg – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,