CDC Finally Agrees Cloth Masks Are Not Effective To Prevent #COVID-19 Spread

After being warned for months by experts about the efficacy of cloth masks, the Center for Disease Control finally changed its guidance on cloth masks today. According to CBS News, the new suggestion stating that N95 and KN95 surgical masks are more effective and the change comes in light of the Omicron variant continuing to spread rapidly.

However, the agency stopped short of recommending masks be worn by everyone and, on the advice by experts, to also recommend respirators. Instead, the CDC states a respirator may be considered in certain situations and by certain people when greater protection is needed or desired.

Omicron’s symptoms are milder when compared to other variants and, fortunately, there is a reduced risk of hospitalization. But because the variant is so contagious, the CDC still recommends wearing masks in an enclosed public place regardless of vaccination status.

None the less, a recent study suggests Omicron might be the beginning of the end of the coronavirus. However, it won’t stop the CDC, bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci, or their boss, Joe Biden, from trying to continue to make the case that coronavirus is still a danger or use another virus, like Deltacron, in order to scare the public and justify more controls.