Environmentalist Group Walks Away Almost Unscathed Despite #COVID-19 Research Grant Violations

Despite violation of grant contracts issued to them by the National Institutes of Health, the EcoHealth Alliance not surprisingly, was given a slap on the wrist recently by the agency. During October of last year, the NIH acknowledged their boss, Dr. Anthony Fauci, mislead Congress about his agency’s role in funding gain-of-function research that was also assisted by the environmentalist group that was also found to have violated grant reporting requirements then as well.

However, a few days ago, House Republicans released a letter to Health Secretary Javier Beccera followed by pages of emails they say reveal a cover up on the part of Fauci to conceal COVID-19 as the result of a lab leak. This on top of a series of emails released before Christmas resulting from an FOIA request showing Fauci and his colleague, Dr. Francis Collins, conducted an effort to discredit scientists who disagreed with their initial assertion that the Chinese coronavirus was a natural occurrence.

This isn’t just about corruption at the NIH and other agencies surrounding this controversy, but also the fact that an environmentalist group had a hand in aiding the production of a virus that has taken the lives of millions of innocent people. Worst of all, despite their violations, the EcoHealth Alliance will walk away literally unscathed and Fauci and Collins probably will too.

PHOTO CREDIT: Image by mwooten from Pixabay