Ottawa Police Officer Assaults Elderly Man For Honking Support of Freedom Convoy

Yesterday, Ottawa, Canada’s mayor, Jim Watson, declared a state of emergency which included police enforcing a court ordered prohibition of car or truck horns being blown in downtown Ottawa until February 16th. Unfortunately, not only has Canada’s Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, dug in with his refusal to lift COVID-19 restrictions, but the situation in Canada’s capitol city is so tense that an elderly gentleman was assaulted by a police officer.

The 78-year-old elderly man in question, Gerry Charlebois, said he meant no harm with honking his horn in support of the convoy since he probably didn’t know about the judicial restriction. He did talk back to the officer while getting his wallet out of his van, but the officer obviously decided to arrest Charlebois rather than issue a citation or warning. It takes one video to define the attitude of Trudeau and Watson and no doubt they lost many supporters resulting from their silence (so far) about this despicable act.

PHOTO CREDIT: Image by Milan Pinder from Pixabay