The Trucker Convoys Grow While Politician’s Poll Numbers Tank

The trucker convoys and the outpouring of support for them has been nothing short of incredible. While it was thought that the blockade at Ambassador Bridge would give way to police efforts to close it down, protesters continue to hold the line. Consequently, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is seeing his poll numbers crumble and no doubt Joe Biden’s will get even worse. Not only due to a U.S. Convoy, but also that it was reported that Biden urged Trudeau to use the force of law to break up the effort.

Unfortunately, France’s President, Emanuel Macron, is trying to squelch a freedom convoy that made its way to Paris, while Australia and New Zealand are having large gatherings. Since over 80% of Canadians are vaccinated there is no reason for Trudeau to keep his mandates especially since other therapeutics to treat COVID-19 patients are available. It was Mark Twain who once said: History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. The trucker convoys going on now are very similar to a trucker boycott that occurred during the 1970’s that was done in reaction to rising gas prices and repair costs.