Biden White House: #COVID-19 Could Infect 100 Million People This Fall

With Joe Biden’s sagging approval rankings and Democrats panicking as a result, it is not surprising that the White House is warning of another COVID-19 outbreak in the fall. The Washington Post recently quoted an unnamed senior Biden Administration official who says that if Congress fails to provide more funding for vaccines and treatment, 100 million Americans are predicted to contract coronavirus Omicron sub-variants in the late fall or early winter.

Because of reported drops in vaccination immunity, upcoming vaccine-immune or resistant variants, and loosened restrictions, WaPo reports many so-called experts agree that a COVID-19 outbreak is on the horizon. Both Pfizer and Moderna are also said to be developing booster shots to protect people against the new COVID-19 versions too.

The Democrats weaponized the coronavirus outbreak in order to undermine President Trump and regardless if The Washington Post‘s report is accurate, it is certainly suspicious due to the timing since mid-term elections are coming up on November. These points are all the more reason to not take the administration’s latest attempt at coronavirus hysteria seriously.