Biden White House Still Tries Gas Price Increase Denial

U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is caught in quite a quandary. She not only thinks people should own electric cars in order to avoid rising gas prices and that the Ukraine conflict can be used to push for co-called clean energy, Granholm is trying to convince people that the White House’s fossil fuel policies have nothing to do with people paying more at the pump despite the data and her actions showing otherwise.

Late last year, Granholm actually did admit Biden’s policies caused high gas prices in an effort to assure people during a White House press briefing saying that His Fraudulency had tools at his disposal to solve the problem. But those assurances only came after Granholm initially laughed at the suggestion she or Biden somehow wanted bring prices down by boosting oil production in the first place.

So as far as Biden et. all are concerned, don’t count on the administration’s help to bring fuel prices down. Plebes should keep quiet, buy a Tesla, or accept the fact that it’s our fault prices are going up since they’ll help usher in the Green New Deal. The usual bait-and-switch since being a leftist means never having to take responsibility for anything.