USDOJ Announces Creation of “Office of Environmental Justice”

Shortly after announcing the creation of Disinformation Governance Board (how Orwellian), the Department of Justice also announced the creation of the Office of Environmental Justice. The new branch is being pitched as a way to secure environmental justice for all Americans.

From the Washington Examiner (emphasis revealing the DOJ’s Marxist agenda mine):

The Justice Department is launching a new Office of Environmental Justice, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Thursday, which will seek to redress health risks from climate change faced by minorities and low-income people in the United States.

“Although violations of our environmental laws can happen anywhere, communities of color, indigenous communities, and low-income communities often bear the brunt of the harm caused by environmental crime, pollution, and climate change,” Garland said at a news conference on Thursday.

“For far too long, these communities have faced barriers to accessing the justice they deserve,” Garland said, adding that the Justice Department “will prioritize the cases that will have the greatest impact on the communities most overburdened by environmental harm.”

Because, equity! It gets better:

The effort comes as the Biden administration seeks to elevate matters of environmental justice and take action on the president’s campaign-trail promises, which included establishing a whole-of-government approach to prioritizing the harmful effects of climate change.

Garland said on Thursday that the OEJ will serve as the Justice Department’s “central hub for our efforts to advance our comprehensive environmental justice enforcement strategy.”

So this new agency is going to be a black check for the Justice Department to cajole people using the excuse of environmental issues and accusations of racism when the feds seek more money in the form of fines or probably even bribery. It is something else that new branches of the Justice Department can appear out of on the whims of the U.S. Attorney General and not a peep of objections from Congress.