17 GOP State Attorneys General Sue EPA Over California Waiver

A lawsuit announced today by 17 Republican state attorneys general alleges that the EPA violated the U.S. Constitution when granting an exemption to California an exemption from the Clean Air Act. According to The Hill, the waiver would allow the Golden State to enact more stringent emissions requirements than what federal law allows. This, according to the lawsuit, abridges the U.S. Constitution’s doctrine or equal sovereignty. From The Hill:

“The Act simply leaves California with a slice of its sovereign authority that Congress withdraws from every other state,” West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R) said in a statement. “The EPA cannot selectively waive the Act’s preemption for California alone because that favoritism violates the states’ equal sovereignty.” 

Three years ago, President Trump revoked a waiver granted to California allowing them to pass stricter emissions standards only for it to be reinstated by the present EPA head, Michael Regan, alleging Trump’s decision was not based on any factual basis.

Currently, 16 other states and DC use California’s tougher emissions standards. What should be of note is The Hill points out Morrisey is also spearheading a lawsuit against the EPA that can have major implications for the agency’s ability to regulate under its authority granted by the Clean Air Act. Essentially, the case is about whether the EPA can regulate power plant emissions even though the agency lacks a rule regarding it and if Congress should be the body to decide.

Climate change is nothing more than a windfall scheme for the left to profit from while also assuming more power and control. Plus also, it gives the ability of foreign actors to have artificial comparative advantages over the United States in terms of energy policy. But, remember ladies and gentlemen, this is all about following the science, right?

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