Monkeypox: The Left’s Latest #COVID-19 Scare?

Joe Biden released a health warning today saying everybody should be concerned about the spread of monkeypox. It is kind of hard to believe since we went from the COVID-19 outbreak to the Ukraine conflict and now there are concerns raised about this disease. It is almost as if Biden will use fear as a way to help him and his other leftist minions enhance their power.

However, on the whole, Monkeypox is spreading, but (according to The New York Times) is easy to detect and treat including immunize people from using a smallpox vaccine. Infection is also occurring among people who don’t travel and is unlikely unless someone has open sores or someone breathes into another’s mouth. From The Times:

“The fact that it’s in the U.K. in multiple unrelated clusters, plus Spain, plus Portugal, is a surprise,” said Dr. Tom Inglesby, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Monkeypox is a more benign version of the smallpox virus and can be treated with an antiviral drug developed for smallpox. But unlike measles, Covid or influenza, monkeypox does not typically cause large outbreaks.

What is concerning, is the Massachusetts Department of Health warns that gay and bisexual men are particularly at risk since, according to The Times, most of the identified cases were among gay men from Canada and the U.S.. Soon after a Massachusetts man traveled to Canada where he contracted the disease, the state issued an alert after he was diagnosed. But the panic over monkeypox has begun as demonstrated by Belgium who just recently ordered a lockdown but only after 3 cases were detected there.

Though not as deadly as smallpox, monkeypox is a very real and dangerous disease. If a general outbreak along the lines of COVID-19 doesn’t work, no doubt the left will try to switch gears and try to make monkeypox out to be another AIDS virus and issue restrictions accordingly. But here has been push back on gay men – sex link and, fortunately, people have enough COVID fatigue to where, hopefully, it is doubtful efforts to churn up panic overall will work.

PHOTO CREDIT: Close-up of monkeypox lesions on the arm and leg of a four year old female child. By not listed – (CDC’s Public Health Image Library) Media ID #2329, Public Domain,