Biden Admin Doubles Down On “Green” Transition, Opposition To Fossil Fuels

It is not only the Biden administration’s patronizing of the public that is absurd but their elitism and arrogance also knows no bounds. Especially from John Kerry who is a billionaire and he and his wife finance a number of environmentalist organizations.

First, Biden Economic Advisor John Deese doubled down on Biden’s green transition last week.

Then, around the same time as Deese’s interview, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry insisted we do not need to drill for more oil and gas. Last year, Kerry remarked people who lost their jobs to Joe Biden’s shutting down the Keystone Pipeline should, essentially, learn to make solar panels.

Neither of them bear any of the brunt or the consequences of their policies. It’s always easy to preach about what people need when you have a lot of power, prestige, and money too.