ESG Movement Doesn’t Just Drive Inflation, But Has Abundant Conflicts of Interest

Tucker Carlson showed a segment of a very interesting interview from his Fox Nation show on Fox News tonight with Utah’s Attorney General Marlo Oaks. In it, Oaks makes a very interesting case that Environmental Social Governance (ESG) firms are the cause of inflation. The Attorney General may, in fact, be correct and what doesn’t help is Biden’s punitive fossil fuel policies and his intentional creative destruction of the U.S.’s supply chains. Put all of this together, and it is a perfect storm for an eventual societal collapse.

In the meantime, a revealing panel discussion about ESG’s took place on CNBC last week, in which the conversation not only discusses how ESG’s contribute to inflation, but Strive Asset Management founder Vivek Ramaswamy blew the lid off the deep seeded conflicts of interest the ESG movement faces. In the long run, such a effort cannot last. Small wonder that ESG investing is being thrashed on Wall Street, since ESG’s are an attempt to apply environmentalist ethics to capitalism and it’s no surprise that it isn’t working.