The CDC Approves #COVID-19 Vaccines For Children … Down To 6 Months Old?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has approved coronavirus vaccines for children, even kids as young as 6 months of age. According to The New York Times, they could start administering them as early as this Tuesday. Despite this early access to immunization and both vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna being deemed safe, The Times also points out that most children have already been infected and, for now, the majority of parents plan to hold off immunizing their kids:

The vaccines overall have proved to be very safe, but many parents remain hesitant for a range of reasons. Some are wary because the vaccines are relatively new, or because they perceive the risk from Covid-19 to be negligible for their children.

Some parents may be uninterested because their children were among the 75 percent thought to have already been infected. But vaccination provides more powerful and consistent protection even if a child has already been infected, C.D.C. scientists noted on Saturday.

Still other parents have moved on from the pandemic.

Despite Pfizer and Moderna both pointing to the rosy performance of their immunizations being given to adults as part of their pitch to make vaccines available for children, The Times reports, the data regarding kids wasn’t so clear and doubts were raised during deliberations over whether or not to approve giving vaccines to children:

The newest versions of the Omicron variant have evolved to partially dodge not just the two-year-old vaccines, but even the immunity produced by an infection with the form of Omicron that circulated just a few months ago.

The original efficacy estimates in adults were on the order of 95 percent. That figure has given way now to 51 percent for two doses of Moderna’s vaccine in children 6 to 23 months, and just 37 percent for children ages 2 through 5.

As low as that may seem, two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine did not even meet the Food and Drug Administration’s bar for an immune response, justifying the agency’s decision in February to delay evaluating the vaccine until the company had tested three doses.

Even if the majority of children did not harbor COVID-19 antibodies, a New York Times story citing data from the CDC during July from two years ago, shows the approval for giving this vaccine for kids not only doesn’t make sense, but flies in the face of what is already known about how effective children are at fighting illness and that they do not play a large role in spreading COVID-19. Almost a year later, even Scientific American revealed more research acknowledging that children are better protected against coronavirus than adults resulting from having excellent immune systems.

However, Alex Berenson at his Unreported Truths Substack blog, reveals some very harrowing information not widely reported in the media about the vaccines themselves as they pertain to being given to children. He says not only that the 80 percent figure that demonstrates the effectiveness of vaccines in young people is a fabrication, but that the efficacy rates are based on 3 percent of infections in the clinical trials themselves.

The CDC’s approval of administering vaccines to young children is altogether unsurprising. The virus is a threat to children like it is to adults, but the vast majority of kids have terrific immune systems that can help them beat coronavirus and a host of other illnesses that allows them to live normal lives whiling aiding in the effort to end the COVID-19 outbreak. But the fact that the coronavirus vaccine is unnecessary for children doesn’t allow Biden and his crowd to use COVID-19 to acquire more power, nor pharmaceutical companies to continue to get subsidies from the federal government.