Buttigieg Schooled By U.S. Rep. Massie About Electric Cars

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in a recent interview that he’s astonished that people aren’t embracing green energy solutions like electric cars saying at one point they would bring cost savings to consumers when they really won’t. Yesterday, Buttigieg even claimed during Congressional testimony the more pain at the pump, the more EV car owners will benefit.

However, Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, who holds multiple degrees from MIT including in electrical engineering, schooled Buttigieg on electric cars and how they will not be of any benefit to consumers nor the environment.

The pain Americans are feeling at the pump and the accompanied inflation are part of Biden’s sick incredible transition fantasy. He hopes that if energy prices go high enough, people will somehow beg for renewable energy sources and electric vehicles in order to get relief. In reality, Biden was to tear down the economy so plebes lead miserable lives.

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