CNBC Guest: ESG and Green Energy Policies Will “End Up Starving The Poor Children of the World and Killing Many Of Them”

This website exists to expose the evil holy war on mankind (jihad) that environmentalists are wreaking on the civilized world. That includes using ESG’s and other radical green policies that ratchet up the cost of energy and end up driving people into poverty, that especially hurt the poor. Kyle Bass spelled out what is wrong today on CNBC today and it was much needed wake up call.

Don’t be surprised if Kyle Bass isn’t invited back on CNBC for a while. Fossil fuels are the basis of our civilization and people need access to cheap sources of energy in order to live and survive. Without them, people can’t afford to commute to work and, worst of all, the elderly will die in excessive heat or in freezing cold temperatures. In short, environmentalist policies drive people into poverty, and kill the poor along with the elderly.

An op-ed penned by Bjorn Lomborg that was published by the Financial Post yesterday does a very good job of outlining the problems with environmentalist fantasies, what we face today, and who is ultimately responsible (emphasis mine):

The costs of the climate and environmental policies pushed at establishment talk-fests are quickly becoming unbearable. For decades, we have been told that ending fossil fuels is cost-free or even beneficial. Now we are starting to see the immense economic and security costs of such untethered promises.

Early pushback came in France with the “yellow vest” protests. The Netherlands has been roiled by protests since the government introduced policies that would decimate agriculture in the name of the environment. The policies threaten production of an important food exporter right when global hunger is rising — yet the government is unable to change course because environmentalists have taken legal action to lock in the lopsided policies.

It is even worse in Sri Lanka. Egged on by elite campaigners and the World Economic Forum to go organic, the government banned synthetic fertilizers in April 2021.

Predictably, food production collapsed and the currency defaulted. Large-scale protests from hungry and dissatisfied citizens who overran the presidential palace have now forced the government to resign.

Solving many of these problems is not rocket science. The rich should stop making food more expensive by insisting on organics and energy more expensive by requiring intermittent renewables. Instead, we should increase R&D into better seeds to deliver more food with a lower environmental footprint. We should drive green energy breakthroughs that could make drastic CO₂ reductions cheap and feasible. And we should include the many other urgent crises that have simple and effective solutions — for instance, for tuberculosis and for securing much better learning in schools across the world with computer-assisted teaching at the right level.

In other words, wealthy, virtue signalling elites pushing unrealistic climate policies are the root cause of our problems. Unfortunately, what is happening in Europe and Canada is slowly creeping over here and it must be stopped.