Animal Rebellion Terrorists Sabotage Milk Supply Distribution In Parts of England

Last month, the animal rights terrorist gang Animal Rebellion (an offshoot of the radical Extinction Rebellion) had the audacity to make demands to Great Britain’s’ Prime Minister’s office. The Guardian reports the letter said that if Animal Rebellion’s requirements that Great Britain start transitioning to a plant-based food system along with enhanced wildlife restoration efforts and carbon emissions reductions weren’t being met, they would engage in disorderly conduct in September.

After not receiving a response, like clockwork, the hoodlums went to work not only occupying British milk-based production and distribution centers but even sabotaging vehicles used to transport dairy-based products.

The hilarious part about this is that these infantile misfits really thought messaging the Prime Minister and making demands would garner a response. At best, the silence they received revealing their unrealistic expectations should be an indication that either 10 Downing Street gets thousands of correspondence they’re unable to reply to or is the U.K. government’s way of saying they do not negotiate with terrorists.

Disrupting food distribution is tantamount to an attack on human life. Hopefully, police will be able to identify, arrest, and prosecute the criminals involved in these heinous acts and shut down Animal Rebellion. As a result of what this group did, no doubt even more citizens of Great Britain will turn away from groups like Animal Rebellion including the cause(s) they champion (that’s a good thing).