Kids Are Being Indoctrinated In Climate Change Propaganda In Schools Too

The threat posed by gender ideology and Critical Race Theory cannot be stressed enough. The importance of stopping the indoctrination of kids by school faculty is vital to the lives and health of children and their families. However, while people focus most of their attention on stopping the sexualization of kids, one other topic that children are being indoctrinated in has flown under the radar: climate change.

A recently published article by RealClearInvestigations sheds light on what is being taught. What is described is appalling but, in many ways, not surprising. As it turns out, leftist groups have deeply penetrated our education systems, including determining the curriculum and content of courses, especially when it comes to topics like gender identity and climate science.

Public school districts are adopting curricula on climate change from well-funded progressive groups casting the issue as a threat to life on the planet that students should respond to through activism. 

As of fall 2020, 29 states and the District of Columbia have adopted standards that require science classes to teach human-caused climate change as a peril beyond dispute, according to K12 Climate Action,  a group that is part of the progressive Aspen Institute. 

The school districts often rely on information provided by advocacy groups including the Sierra Club and the U.S. Green Building Council. A Sierra Club teaching “toolkit” signals a wide purpose across subject areas: “The ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of moving our entire society to 100% clean energy — and for fighting climate change more broadly — can be woven into many subject areas, including: biology, chemistry, physics, and even social studies.” 

Still more curricular guidelines and suggestions are distributed by well-funded progressive groups that include the United Nations’ Office for Climate Education, and the North American Association for Environmental Education. 

While the doom-and-gloom messages of topics like climate change, overpopulation, and finite resources is the same as it always has been, the only difference is this time the activists dominate the education system that they were allowed to operate.

Many scientists agree that human activity has contributed to the warming of the Earth in recent decades. But it’s still not clear how much temperatures will rise in the future and the effect that might have on society. While the Biden administration and progressive groups who help shape the school curricula argue that it is imperative to end or limit the use of fossil fuels, there is vigorous debate among scientists and policy makers about the best way to balance mitigation measures with economic and other tradeoffs that, critics say, are largely ignored in schools. 

“It’s fine to teach climate if you summarize the pro and con arguments of climate change,” said John Staddon, professor emeritus of biology at Duke University and author of Science in an Age of Unreason. “But you don’t talk about it as a concluded issue. It’s a very political area and [climate change] is about scientific data, which is not a consensus.” 

A RealClearInvestigations review of materials used to advance climate learning found that many contain an uncritical examination of climate change; they tend to emphasize worst-case scenarios, and to urge encouraging students to organize as activists. 

“There are a lot of resources out there that are … helping students draft policies as well, and getting them involved from the beginning. And this is what we want to see, this whole-institution approach where we’re creating this culture of climate action,” Kristen Hargis, who works on research with the North American Association for Environmental Education, told attendees of an August webinar

All of this isn’t to train advocates but to groom more storm troopers for the left at every level of the education system from grade and high schools to universities thanks to the framework leftist groups have made and the propaganda they have disseminated. Your children become warm bodies for the left to recruit that can loot and burn small businesses and neighborhoods, conduct vandalism on pieces of priceless art, attach themselves to walls or streets in hopes of halting traffic, or even sabotage fossil fuel extraction or transportation efforts.

If any of your children attend public school and you can afford to please pull them out. If you can’t, try to find out what your child is learning and demand the teachers stop if you uncover materials geared to radicalizing them. Continue to push back or be persistent with school administration or your school district and consider getting family and friends involved too. Even seek legal help from attorneys who are willing to sue the school should they be unresponsive to your concerns.

What is abundantly clear is that the left’s cancer has spread in educations systems and the rot from the corruption will only get worse if no action is taken. Worst of all, the indoctrination students get will also impose great hardships on family relationships too. We have only one civilization and if this indoctrination and recruitment isn’t stopped, we can kiss our entire way of life goodbye.