“60 Minutes” Promotes Anti-Human Pundit Paul Ehrlich

Utopia is right around the corner for the left, and you ain’t gonna be a part of it. That is essentially the gist of Paul Ehrlich’s logic who wrongly predicted in his 1968 book The Population Bomb that mankind would face extinction through mass starvation within ten years due to resource depletion resulting from population growth.

Despite his incorrect prognostications, that didn’t prevent CBS from featuring Ehrlich recently on the network’s 60 Minutes program.

The solutions Ehrlich proposed to curb his Malthusian predictions were awful. They involved special taxes on diapers and children, sneaking sterilization of the public through drinking water, and even lacing foreign food assistance with anti-fertility drugs. Erich’s ideas had such an impact that India instituted a sterilization program where millions of people were sterilized in which some sterilization was forcibly administered.

Despite Erlich’s doom and gloom predictions having been proven wrong, to this day he remains unapologetic and continues to make apocalyptic claims like a fire and brimstone clergyman. With all of the demands by the left to enact reparations, if any are to be exacted they should be rendered on people like Paul Ehrlich. Until intellectuals like him are held accountable, they will continue to spew their unsubstantiated spin.

In the meantime, enjoy this video presentation regarding Ehrlich’s false proclamations.