Biden Administration Bans Northern Minnesota Cobalt Mining In Gift To China

Beijing Biden has struck once again! Aiding countries like China while continuing to cripple his so-called transition to (ahem) clean energy.

The Biden administration on Thursday said it will establish a 20-year moratorium on mining upstream from Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a vast preserve of lakes and woods that has been at the center of a fierce dispute over a proposed copper and nickel mine.

The plan withdraws from mineral leasing about 225,504 acres of watershed in the Superior National Forest. It could doom a proposed bid from Twin Metals Minnesota LLC, which had sought to build an underground mine in Ely, at the doorstep of the wilderness area. The Biden administration had already canceled the company’s two federal minerals-rights leases, and the new move drastically reduces the chance that the project will be revived.

The company has sued to reinstate the leases, which are critical to its $1.7 billion project, and the moratorium is expected to trigger fresh legal action. Meanwhile Republicans, who now control the House, are seeking to ease federal rules for the mine permitting process, an effort that could also complicate the administration’s plans.

Much to the glee of environmentalists, it was Biden’s Interior Secretary and fellow leftist radical Deb Halland who signed off on the order. But, not surprisingly, the ban not only contradicts Biden’s seeking to replace fossil fuels with green energy sources since the primary beneficiary of this prohibition is ultimately China. From Fox News:

Last year, the DOI canceled two mineral leases held by the firm Twin Metals Minnesota, which had been located in the Superior National Forest located outside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. As a result of that decision and the action Thursday, domestic mining companies will effectively be banned from operating in the region for the foreseeable future and the forest’s vast critical mineral resources will be left untapped.

However, Twin Metals’ mining project contained about 88% of the nation’s cobalt reserves in addition to vast copper, nickel and platinum-group elements. Such critical minerals are vital for various green energy technologies like electric vehicle batteries, battery storage facilities, solar panels and wind turbines, which the Biden administration has aggressively pushed.

For example, an electric vehicle requires 500% more mineral resources than a traditional gas-powered car, while a single onshore wind turbine plant requires 800% more minerals than a typical fossil fuel plant, according to the International Energy Agency.

However, China, other hostile nations and countries with severe human rights concerns dominate the global mineral supply chain.

A regular practice of environmentalist groups is to claim that wind, solar, and geothermal energy sources can easily replace fossil fuels to help stave off the effects of human-induced climate change. In practice, the legal arms of their movement file lawsuits quickly after edifices, like wind and solar farms, are approved for construction by municipalities.

In this case, a mine located on large amounts deposits of a mineral, cobalt, used in the production of batteries of electric vehicles that Biden wants to replace fossil fuel-powered cars and trucks. In both scenarios, actions speak louder than words. Renewable energy schemes are a ruse to transition civilizations away from fossil fuels in order to institute a new Dark Age for mankind so the left can remain in power.

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  1. Look at the positive side of the either-or. Grabbers Of Pussy have got half of the federal and a sizable chunk of the state governments all preoccupied with bullying pregnant women rather than providing for the common defense and securing the blessings of liberty. That’s what teevee tells us the voters cast their ballots for–the ballots that didn’t say to ban electrical power generation. I voted libertarian in hopes of legalizing BOTH power generation and birth control.

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