Siberian Air Mass (a.k.a. Polar Vortex) Brings Record Breaking, Cold Temperatures

The east coast is getting slammed with record breaking, cold temperatures in which the National Weather Service reports temperatures at Mt. Washington in New Hampshire have reached up to minus 110 degrees including wind gusts at nearly 130 miles and hour!

In many ways, this was to be expected and it is unfortunate the media didn’t do a better reporting about this air mass since doing so would have aided in better preparation when it arrived since it was known early on.

Around mid-January, The Washington Post revealed Siberia, Russia had recorded the worst cold the region has experienced in twenty years resulting from a polar vortex. The Siberian air mass then made its way western Canada only to arrive in parts of the south and Midwestern U.S. a few days ago. Now the Siberian air mass has turned up in the East Coast delivering brutal, cold weather conditions.

Not surprisingly, the usual suspects are already attempting to bring climate change (i.e. blaming you) into the discussion. Let the climate change jokes begin!