Ex-NFL Player’s Children Received Death And Rape Threats After Mountain Lion Kill

Forner NFL Player Derek Wolfe decided he’d had enough of a mountain lion that was terrorizing the Colorado area he lived in and decided to do something about it. Wolfe is an avid hunter and hiked the mountain the Tom (male wildcat) was located in and slew it. After doing so, during an interview on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show (video below) Wolfe pointed out animal rights activists took to social media and issued rape and death threats to his children.

During his interview with Tucker Carlson, here’s what Wolfe said (emphasis mine):

I expected that some people would be upset about it because that’s just the way it goes. You can’t please everybody. But the amount of hate and death threats, you know, threatening my children, saying that they hope pedophiles come after my kids, and this and that, it’s like, ‘What kind of sicko are you?’

It started with an animal activist organization; I’m not going to say the name. They basically enticed people to attack me on Instagram, and Twitter, added me, and then they were kind of throwing false statements out like, ‘He had no right to do this. This is murder. There’s always another way, a better way. This isn’t conservation.’ Which is all false.

These folks don’t want to think logically. They’re making their decisions emotionally.

When animal rights supporters see any famous person kill any type of animal, they usually follow through with death threats. They don’t care about the context or the circumstances. All they care about is attacking anybody who killed said animal in hopes of intimidating them. Hopefully, Wolfe’s example will inspire others to do what he did, including take up hunting overall.