Multiple Deadly Chemicals Released During Ohio Train Derailment Fire

On February 5th, approximately 50 cars from a Norfolk Southern train (10 of which carrying hazardous chemicals) on the Pennsylvania line derailed near the small town of Palestine, Ohio. The result has been an unmitigated disaster. Not only were residents evacuated but even animals for miles around are getting sick and even dying resulting from chemical emissions.

A hazardous materials expert, Sil Caggiano, explained to local station WKBN that the derailment will have to be treated as a controlled spill in order to reopen the rail lines. Unfortunately, Caggiano explains the risk of health problems occurring for local residents is very high due to exposure to lingering chemicals and, according to WKBN, the EPA has identified three more dangerous chemicals but neglected to release a full list of the ones the train carried.

This is a comprehensive video detailing the events of the crash and even describing chemicals the Norfolk Southern train was carrying and the consequences of it catching fire.

What is ridiculous is the way authorities are handling this. For example, a news reporter was recently released from police custody after being arrested while conducting a livestream of the events at the crash site as part of a news blackout. Now, video footage has been discovered demonstrating a fire was on the Norfolk Southern train prior to the crash which also calls into question the accuracy or effectiveness of detection equipment or if the train’s crew was sufficiently alerted.

Some people are calling this the Chernobyling of Ohio and that is a fair statement since this will probably be the worst environmental disaster in American history. No doubt environmentalists will politicize this occasion attempting to make the case that transporting chemicals by train is too dangerous and will try to apply that same logic to shipping fossil fuels by train too. Meanwhile, Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, preferred to joke about too many White people working in construction rather than discuss the calamity surrounding the Ohio train derailment.

PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab of the 2023 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio – By National Transportation Safety Board – (direct link), Public Domain,