The Evil That Is Greta Thunberg

In order to get a sense of what an enemy wants to do, all you need do is listen to what they say.

Time published n excerpt from Greta’s book and one sentence in it reveals quite about what she advocates:

“The solution to this crisis is not exactly rocket science. What we have to do is to halt the emission of greenhouse gasses”.

What this means is that anything man-made that enables mobility of humans must be brought to a halt, be it cars, trucks, planes, etc..

Just about everything humans do creates carbon emissions of some kind. But the end result of Greta’s obsession with carbon emissions even applies to drilling for oil and natural gas and if prohibiting fossil fuel extraction, that would even severely curtail needed activities like food production too.

In light of Thunberg’s obsession with carbon emissions she also says: “[T]here is no silver bullet or magic technological solution in sight.” This means electric cars and even renewable energy sources are out the window as well in which to ensure Thunberg makes herself clear, she makes a similar point saying:

“People keep asking us climate activists what we should do to save the climate,” Greta continues. “But maybe the question itself is wrong. Maybe, instead, we should start asking what we should stop doing.”

Essentially, what Thunberg wants is for everyone in the developed world (except her of course) to stop driving, taking vacations, using computerized devices, eating meat, and even cooking with gas stoves. Just stop everything you’re doing and the climate will be saved.

The people of Sri Lanka can testify how evil ideas, including people like Greta Thunberg are. The country followed policies advocated by academics embraced by Sri Lankan leaders to implement organic farming coupled with banning pesticides and the result was mass food shortages and major civil unrest.

What Greta Thunberg says is loud and clear and the end result of embracing her environmentalist ideas is to literally revert mankind to primitivism. She wants to have all of the benefits of civilization but none for everyone else and this is a typical view of the environmentalist movement overall.