James Cameron: Thanos Was Right

Movie director and producer James Cameron was interviewed by Time recently to discuss his new movie Avatar: Way Of The Water. While both Avatar films were pitches for environmentalism, one statement Cameron made should be enough to give everyone pause:

I can relate to Thanos. I thought he had a pretty viable answer. The problem is nobody is going to put up their hand to volunteer to be the half that has to go.

 Thanos is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful villain who justifies his galactic genocide alleging overpopulation of the galaxy. The term Thanos Was Right is a meme that has been popping up here-and-there on the internet, and the term recently made it on the Hawkeye show on Disney+ too.

Four years ago, a very good opinion piece authored by executive editor of and film critic for the Washington Free Beacon Sonny Bunch that was published in The Washington Post. Bunch’s essay nicely summed up what environmentalists are all about as revealed by none other than the entertainment industry (emphasis mine):

There is no aspect of your life that environmentalists don’t want to tinker with, no realm immune from their meddling: just think of those poor small-businessmen whose livelihoods were destroyed by a deranged EPA bureaucrat in the 1984 classic “Ghostbusters.” On the plus side, this makes them pretty solid villains. Expect to see more of them in our big-budget films going forward.

Cameron just revealed himself for the evil, human hating vermin he truly is. Some people write story lines about villains, like Thanos, off as just fiction, but the evidence is overwhelming that the true intent of environmentalists is to make life miserable for humans (except themselves of course) in order to achieve their Eden of a carbon (read: human) free planet.