Too Little Too Late: Mayor Pete Finally Visits East Palestine, Ohio

21 days later, Bident Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, finally visited East Palestine, Ohio today. Though Mayor Pete admits he should have said something sooner about the catastrophe, but, as NewsNation reports, the damage done as revealed by resident distrust.

Not surprisingly, Mayor Pete still attempts to deflect and give excuses for his negligence, if not outright incompetence.

So much for this administration’s promise of a transparent, open relationship with the press.

Buttigieg then claims he wasn’t at the site for politics, but won’t apologize for his response ….

And still managed to blame Trump.

None-the-less, he assures us all of this was a lesson learned and is proud of his agency’s response to the derailment. No doubt the public feels so much better now. In other news, Biden administration official announced another $10 billion for Ukraine, but no announcement of aid for East Palestine citizens.

PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab of the 2023 train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio – By National Transportation Safety Board – (direct link), Public Domain,