Ice Cream Seller Tries Warmer Freezers. No, Really!

Essentially, Unilever wants consumers to bankroll its climate policies.

Unilever PLC wants to warm up its ice cream freezers in convenience stores without turning its products into puddles, part of a broader effort to pursue green goals and potentially boost sales in the process.

The consumer packaged goods giant, which sells ice cream brands including Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum, is testing the performance of its products in freezers that are set to temperatures of roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit, up from the industry standard of zero. 

Unilever owns most of the 3 million chest-like freezers that house its ice-cream tubs and treats in bodegas and corner stores, and the energy used to power them accounts for around 10% of Unilever’s greenhouse gas footprint, according to the London-based firm. Keeping ice cream at 10 degrees as opposed to zero will reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 20% to 30% per freezer, it said.

The woke company is experimenting with warmer freezers in Germany and Indonesia and the timeframe for implementing this reformulation is unknown. However, according to The Journal, Unilever expects its research on this could take as long as 15 years. Just enough time to sack this idea when no one is looking.