Climate Nazis Are Still Coming For Your Gas Stoves

Despite having failed to ban gas stoves two months ago, the modern-day Luddites are trying again. Hopefully, the person they’ve enlisted to help head-up the campaign will be an albatross to slow down or even stop the effort. However, one Arizona Republican points out environmentalists may get their wish using different means.

Abrams was defeated for Georgia governor twice. Then again, instead of campaigning in perpetuity for elected office, this time she will head up the effort to try to outlaw gas stoves. However, environmentalists are serious about outlawing gas stoves as evidenced by one of Rewiring America’s co-founders, Ari Matusiak, who spoke at a House Democrat Caucus conference earlier this month.

When the effort to ban gas stoves was revealed during January, not only did the White House insist they didn’t support such a policy and so-called fact checkers diligently worked to refute any notion Biden did. As it turns out, one member of Congress, Debbie Lesko (R-AZ), reveals a recent proposed rule change that, if implemented, will lop onerous energy efficiency requirements on residential stove top cooking appliances.

But if confronted with this, Biden will deny it is a gas stove ban and rationalize it as just more regulations to keep people safe. A similar rationale Pfizer used to justify conducting coronavirus gain-of-function research (i.e. directed evolution) that Anthony Fauci could use to claim plausible deniability. In other words, Biden isn’t going to ban gas stoves directly, only make it too expensive to make them which rob people of the option to have gas-powered cooking appliances.

You can speak out against Biden’s new gas stove rules by sending a message here. There’s 19 days left so don’t delay!


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