Fauci Says #COVID-19 Lab Leak Might Have Been Caused By “Natural Occurrence”

With recent government reports confirming the likelihood of the coronavirus having been leaked from a lab, Dr. Anthony Fauci is not only refusing to admit he was wrong but continues to try to stretch the truth probably in hopes that he can still maintain some semblance of credibility.

Fauci was recently interviewed by Jim Acosta on CNN and went so far as to say that a lab leak could still be a natural occurrence. This coming from the bureaucrat who tried to cover up the virus’s origins while funding gain-of-function research after repeatedly denying his agency was doing it and the virus originated from a lab.

The House of Representatives also voted overwhelmingly last Friday to declassify information about the coronavirus’s origins but Biden is undecided about signing the legislation. In the meantime, Fauci is obviously to somehow desperate to preserve the narrative he helped push but it is all crashing down around his ears.