Dutch Farmer Political Party Wins Seats In Parliament, Will Block Nitrogen Rules … Maybe

A great night but, unfortunately, this victory may be short lived.

This is tantamount to a blow out but, according to the Financial Times, the Labour and Green parties tied the farmer’s victory. It is with these two left-wing parties that Prime Minister Mark Rutte can form a coalition in which both groups might be inclined to back Rutte’s methane rules.

However, FT also says that Holland’s provinces will play a role and could pose even more problems for the ruling coalition since the provinces affected by the mandates are controlled by the BBB. No doubt negotiations will play a factor but hopefully this signal voters sent by electing the BBB can contribute to slowing down or even block efforts to regulate nitrogen and confiscate farmer lands.

None the less, this is a stunning victory and the forgotten people of the Netherlands have spoken. Time will tell if Holland’s political establishment will listen.