Biden Signs Executive Order About “Environmental Justice” Or Something

No doubt Biden had to do something during or around Earth Day. Very appropriate action for an event that takes place on the same day as the birthday of Communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin, which is no coincidence.

The Associated Press says “The White House said it wants to ensure that poverty, race and ethnic status do not lead to worse exposure to pollution and environmental harm.”

While delivering remarks about his EO, Biden declared under this order, environmental justice will become the responsibility of every single federal agency – I mean every single federal agency.

As part of his efforts to unify and heal the country, Biden also took jabs at MAGA Republicans. Just what Americans need – federal agencies to run even more amok driven by environmentalist ideology with the Communist China-style Social Credit Scores to be implemented to boot, except the administration calls it an Environmental Score Card that can be enforced using taxes, regulation, and even litigation.

You notice the lack of news coverage regarding contaminants detected in and around East Palestine, Ohio? Of course not, because it is no longer on the media’s radar and would hurt Biden’s re-election chances.