Gas Stove Bans Are A Front In A War On Natural Gas

Not surprisingly, the media and politicians who denied gas stoves would be banned were lying all along.

Gas stoves and furnaces will be banned from most new buildings in New York state under a new measure passed by lawmakers.

The provision, included in the state’s budget bill passed Tuesday night by the New York Legislature, begins phasing in next year. The measure prohibits the installation of fossil-fuel equipment in buildings of seven stories or less in 2026, with the ban for larger buildings starting in 2029.

“Changing the ways we make and use energy to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels will help ensure a healthier environment for us and our children,” New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said in a statement.

While hospitals, restaurants, and buildings not entirely supported by the electric grid are exempt, shortly after the ban was enacted, New York’s governor reveals, the goal is to strain the power grid to make electricity unreliable with the end goal to push so-called renewable energy.

In the meantime, despite having low electricity usage, New York residents pay some of the highest electricity rates in the nation. By banning natural gas stoves and furnaces, it will eventually ramp up a New Yorker’s electricity use while depreciating their quality of life because everything will cost even more.

This should show that Democrats are serious about ending oil and gas use since they and their climate cult allies could care less about the average people who will suffer resulting from their policies, because banning fossil fuels won’t affect them.