Biden Energy Department Issues Rules To Further Pinch Household Appliances

They’re coming for your dishwasher too

The Department of Energy on Friday quietly released proposed efficiency rules for dishwashers that would reduce water use by more than one-third for some standard-sized machines and slash energy use by 27%.

The proposed standards mark the most significant energy crackdown on dishwashers in a decade and come as the appliance manufacturing industry is struggling to comply with a plethora of Biden administration rules aimed at boosting energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions. 

The new standards would reduce water use even in many dishwashers that now meet the federal government’s 3.5-gallon Energy Star Standard.

Not only will these new regulations jack up dishwasher prices, but they use less water and energy than washing dishes by hand. With these new rules, it will obviously result in having to use the dishwasher more than once to properly wash dishes and utensils. But it is all about the annointed’s vision grounded in political control and not what makes sense.