Pulitzer Prize Ignores #COVID-19 Because Of Racism Or Something

A very interesting observation on the part of Alex Berenson.

In fairness, only one Pulitzer for Journalism was awarded for COVID-19 coverage and it was to The New York Times in 2021. No other awards were given in 2019 when the coronavirus outbreak began and for 2022 and 2023. Only the Gray Lady had good enough news coverage to warrant an award? Very hard to believe.

But the current thing is racism as evidenced by this year’s nominees.

Denzel Washington had some choice words to say about media dishonesty.


One thought on “Pulitzer Prize Ignores #COVID-19 Because Of Racism Or Something

  1. Not that surprising. Comrade Jack London wrote a book about that very thing from a different angle. “The Unparalelled Invasion” was published in McClure’s in 1910 when Qing was king, and later in book form when China was republican. Try to imagine the Carter Administration joining a genocidal attack on China…


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