Michael Yon: “This is an invasion of America”

What is occurring down at the southern U.S. border is nothing short of harrowing. Hundreds of thousands of people are being admitted into the United States at an alarming rate and the resources of border towns are being stretched to the limit. Even The New York Times has reported that the massive inflow of illegal immigrants is not a natural occurrence but one being encouraged too:

In some cases, social media is being used to falsely advertise the coming border rule changes as the opening of the floodgates. On TikTok, posts tagged #titulo42 have been viewed more than 96 million times, with one popular post claiming, “May 11: You cannot be deported. Title 42 has come to an end.” …

But they also were told — by human smugglers, relatives and people posting on Facebook, TikTok and WhatsApp — that under President Biden, they could actually cross the border and stay.

Ms. García, who had just enough money to purchase a tent, a headlamp and two bags of bread for the jungle trip, had heard this from Venezuelans who had made it to the United States before her.

Michael Yon was recently interviewed on the YouTube political talk show Redacted. Yon is a former Green Beret, has not only traveled around the world for years as a free lance war correspondent but has seen events very similar to what is going on now. Not surprisingly, he says this will not end well and explains why.


One thought on “Michael Yon: “This is an invasion of America”

  1. True. And the Constitution requires that States be protected against invasion and also left free to repel them if in immediate danger. But hate sells votes the Nixon law subsidizes to favor two Kleptocracy factions. The mystical bigots that invade South America to meddle in elections and export economy-wrecking prohibition laws are the ones shocked and surprised by the ensuing waves of refugees at the gate. Causation is cruel.


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