UK Police Arrest Man Who Tried To Move Climate Cultists Blocking Traffic

The climate cult group Just Stop Oil took to the streets of London yesterday blocking traffic at Blackfriar’s bridge in which one man decided he had had enough and decided to remove the climate cultists only to be arrested by police. The only thing is, the man did what the police were supposed to do but would not, yet he gets in trouble.

TalkTV says the nihilistic punks also blocked traffic at 2 other London bridges too. At one point the hoodlums were reportedly “laughing and smirking” and “antagonising drivers” during the march. Police allegedly did nothing to stop them and these road blocking activities have been going on since April.

In other parts of the city, however, Just Stop Oil terrorists were arrested. But it really says something when civilians are left with doing the job police are supposed to and then civilians who act get arrested.


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