Interest in #COVID-19 Internment Camps Accelerates

Late last year, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that people who tested positive for coronavirus and would reportedly be placed in internment camps. Laura Ingraham made this an issue on one of her Fox News shows and Kiwi leaders responded to the accusations saying the patients would be placed in 4-star hotels. Oh… Read More Interest in #COVID-19 Internment Camps Accelerates

“QAnon Shaman” is a Climate Change Activist

Over a week after the siege of Capitol Hill, facts are still coming out about people who participated in that terrible event. Not only have individuals with ANTIFA been identified among the vandals, but one particular invader proclaimed the QAnon Shaman named Jake Angeli of Chandler, Arizona has a green thumb. According to AZCentral, Angeli… Read More “QAnon Shaman” is a Climate Change Activist