China Energy Crisis The Worst in a Decade

Factories and households in China are without electricity resulting from an energy crunch that is the worst to hit the country in almost ten years. The shortages come resulting from coal price increases and efforts to meet official energy use targets geared to allegedly combat human-induced climate change. Consequently, power rationing has been undertaken which… Read More China Energy Crisis The Worst in a Decade

“Sizzling October” 1921

One hundred years ago millions of people around the world were starving from the record heat and drought. But Tony Heller reveals the hot weather of 1921 has been erased by government agencies.

Australian #COVID-19 Suspect May Be A Medical Terrorist

The incident of Anthony Karam involved him knowingly going out in public multiple times despite being infected with coronavirus, which are a clear violation of Australia’s coronavirus policies. Worst of all, despite his acts, Karam not only disobeyed orders to self-isolate but was released a month after being arrested and reneged on a promise to… Read More Australian #COVID-19 Suspect May Be A Medical Terrorist

Heatwave of 1895-1896

There was a year long global heatwave which began during September 1895. Rather than trying to understand it, Tony Heller reveals government agencies have attempted to erase it.

The Great Texas Freeze of 2021

In February 2021, the temperature in Texas dropped below zero. Not a big deal, right? Texas is the energy state. Just go home, turn on the heat, and hunker down. That’s how it should have gone. But it didn’t. What happened, and why?