Paul Ehrlich’s Population Fraud Turns 50

Dr. Paul Ehrlich’s best selling manual of doom, The Population Bomb turns 50 this month. It was during May of 1968 that his best selling, anti-human, neo-Mathusian screed was published. The New York Times produced an excellent video describing the horrible effects of following Ehrlich’s ideas and shows why they ultimately (pun intended) bombed.

“Reverend Billy” Tried to Use Ferguson Protests to Demonize Monsanto

Let it never be said that the Left won’t let a good crisis go to waste. An alert blogger at Medium points out that one anti-GMO activist decided to try to twist the protests in Ferguson, Missouri to demonize Monsanto instead. Every year a prominent anti-GMO activist, William Talen, holds a protest on Thanksgiving outside… Read More “Reverend Billy” Tried to Use Ferguson Protests to Demonize Monsanto

The Des Moines Register’s #FakeNews GMO Story

In an article published in The Des Moines Register today, Scientists at Iowa State University (ISU) allege Russia is supporting fake news reports online to undermine US GMO production. According to Doctors Shawn Dorius and Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, both scientists state their research shows Russia is funding propaganda in the US in order to bolster their… Read More The Des Moines Register’s #FakeNews GMO Story

Scientists: GMO’s Are Definitely Safe

After conducting a meta-analysis of over 6000 peer-reviewed manuscripts that detail 21 years of research on the effects of genetically modified corn, scientists out of the University of Pisa, Italy have determined that GMO’s are completely safe. The EconoTimes reports: “The results support the cultivation of GE maize, mainly due to enhanced grain quality and… Read More Scientists: GMO’s Are Definitely Safe