The War on Humans

Back in 2014, the Discovery Institute released a film titled The War on Humans. In brief, but descriptive, detail the movie shows how and why animal rights and other environmentalist groups seek to give legal rights to animals and other forms of nature. This as part of a larger effort to eradicate human populations.

However, there are two major, gaping flaws in the film need to be highlighted. First, the movie accuses Charles Darwin of being the main inspiration for animal rights groups in which Darwin is accused of stating humans are no different than animals. In fact, Charles Darwin not only admired mankind’s superior abilities to animals he was also an avid hunter. The main inspiration for the animal rights movement was, in fact, utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer.

Any claims by animals rights organizations or think tanks, like the Discovery Institute, that Darwin considered humans as no different than animals is not true. Since the Discovery Institute is notorious for furthering creation science pitched as intelligent design, their incorrect assertion about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution. The movie is also incorrect in stating that humans are not 98% similar to chimpanzees.

Aside from these obvious flaws, The War on Humans makes a good case making the case that the environmentalist movement is at war with mankind and that actual, living human beings are unique individuals. It also does a decent job overall of making the case for individual, human rights.