“Safety By Design” Is The World Economic Forum’s Plan To Restrict Speech

Dutch farmers will confirm that the World Economic Forum is taking up the role that the Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission were said to be up to.

The World Economic Forum has an innocuous name for a sinister new initiative designed to give radical globalist bureaucrats control over what people can say and see on social media, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles warned in an illuminating tweet thread Wednesday.

Called “Safety by Design,” the new scheme seeks to regulate social media by having prohibitions against “harmful” content built into the technology behind their platforms. But it looks like yet another bid by the Left to control speech it doesn’t like by deeming it dangerous, Knowles said.

“If you thought the Twitter Files were as bad as it gets for the “Trust & Safety” of Big Tech merging with government, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” Knowles tweeted.

In short, this is a global censorship plan to restrict speech worldwide while these evil, global elites fantasize about everyone giving up meat to eat bugs, living in pods or fighting climate change. According to Michael Knowles, Australia is the testing ground for their censorship campaign. The worst part about it, is that WEF is being open about this and it is happening in real time.

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