NZ Mosque Shooter is a Self-Proclaimed “Eco-Fascist”

49 people were murdered in tragic shootings that took place at two separate mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday. The man accused of carrying these heinous acts out is named Brenton Tarrant who is a 28 year old man from Australia. Two other people are in custody in connection to the plot. But what is … Continue reading NZ Mosque Shooter is a Self-Proclaimed “Eco-Fascist”

“To All Innocent Fifth Columnists”

During 1940 or 1941, Ayn Rand wrote a hard-hitting open letter that was to be read by a conservative organization entitled To All Innocent Fifth Columinsts. In it she issued a warning to people about the scourge of collectivism that was consuming the United States in form of Fascism and Communism that would come later. … Continue reading “To All Innocent Fifth Columnists”

Trump @ War

Trump @ War, made by former White House strategist Steve Bannon, is an amazing and detailed accounting done of the revolution between liberal and conservative ideologies that took place in the months leading up to the 2016 elections. Most people who followed mainstream liberal media outlets never saw the depth of the actual force and … Continue reading Trump @ War

If You’re Not Vegan, You’re A Racist

It was bound to happen sooner or later. During the last few years neo-Marxist feminists have been coming around to embrace veganism in order to combat ... you guessed it ... racism and white supremacy. There is even an effort among some vegans to convince black people to embrace veganism along these very lines. However, … Continue reading If You’re Not Vegan, You’re A Racist

The Philosophy of Satan: Evil Explored

What is the origin story of evil in human societies? Stefan Molyneux and Dr. Duke Pesta explore the philosophy of Satan from both the religious and secular perspectives and correlates it with the philosophy of the Left in which historical events and fiction are also used to make their case. The result is over an … Continue reading The Philosophy of Satan: Evil Explored

NRDC Mission Statement Expresses Opposition to Capitalist Countries

More details have come up about the House Natural Resources Committee's investigation of the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC). According to a blog post at The Heartland Institute, not only are there indications of bias on the part of the environmentalist group, but further review of documents pertaining to the group's mission potentially sheds light … Continue reading NRDC Mission Statement Expresses Opposition to Capitalist Countries

Is Greece’s Wildfire Tragedy Due to Climate Change?

Over 80 people were killed, over 70 people are hospitalized and 500 or more homes were destroyed in a tragic conflagration that consumed Mati, a coastal suburb town 18 miles east of Athens, Greece on Monday. According to BBC, Greek officials suspect arson as the origin for the massive fire. Unfortunately, Greece's Citizen Protection Minister, … Continue reading Is Greece’s Wildfire Tragedy Due to Climate Change?

How Postmodernism Ultimately Leads to Nihilism

In this clip, Stephen Hicks talks about postmodernism, its nihilistic tendencies and the psychological motivation of postmodernists. He gives very good insights as to why the Left may have become violent. It isn't just because they lost, it's because their vision has been shattered and they want revenge against their enemies.