The “Green New Deal” Socialist Dystopia

Alexandria Ocassional Cortex … er … Ocasio-Cortez has grander plans for America if she and her Socialist cohorts are ever truly placed in charge. In this video Cortez narrates (made with the help of Naomi Klein), we see Cortez’s hunger for power to remake society built on environmentalist lies.

In the below video, people exist to make stuff for the needs of the state. Never mind what your needs or skills are, because there will be Medicare for all and federal jobs guarantees. Plus also Ocasio-Cortez is going to use the wisdom of native people to restore the environment.

It’s not like her vision hasn’t been tried before. Such as in places like the Soviet Union or other eastern European countries and we all know how well those worked out. Everything will be okay because people, like Cortez, will be in charge and they will somehow get it right this time.