It Happened Again

Last year, a couple from the state of Washington quit their jobs and decided to do a world-wide cycling trek across the world to not only spread goodwill but to prove that evil doesn’t exist. During their journey, the two were tragically murdered at the hands of blood thirsty, ISIS terrorists.

Paul Joseph Watson reveals another tragedy involving a couple who hitchhiked across the West Africa to Burkina Faso despite the Canadian government’s warning not to travel there, the threat of Islamic terrorism and violent crime. Sadly, the two may have been missing since mid-December in Burkina Faso in which they planned to conduct environmental activism in neighboring Togo and are presumed dead.

This is one of many painful reminders that the world is not a progressive utopia and the couple’s untimely demise is the result of their subscribing to moral relativism, an outgrowth of postmodernism.