Why the Left Hates Science

After decades of criticizing the Republican Christian base about their "denial of science" and refusal to follow reason and evidence - the modern left's hypocrisy has been exposed via their outright hostility to proven scientific facts. Stefan Molyneux explains why the left must remain hostile to genetic differences which explain unequal outcomes in order to … Continue reading Why the Left Hates Science

The fatal flaw in Leftist American politics

What is political extremism? Professor of psychology Jordan Peterson points out that America knows what right-wing radicalism looks like: The doctrine of racial superiority is where conservatives have drawn the line. What’s interesting is that on the conservative side of the spectrum we’ve figured out how to box-in the radicals and say, 'No, you’re outside … Continue reading The fatal flaw in Leftist American politics

How the media manipulates truth

During February, the Speakers Action Group presented British author Melanie Phillips at Bennett Jones Law Offices where she delivered a talk entitled The World Turned Upside Down: The Role of the Media. Melanie Phillips has made a career of not bowing to the will of the public on controversial issues. Her new book, Guardian Angel: … Continue reading How the media manipulates truth

How to Fight Political Correctness

Jeff Deist is president of the Mises Institute. He previously worked as chief of staff to Congressman Ron Paul, and as an attorney for private equity clients. In this video he talks about how to fight PC (political correctness) culture. Remember what Ronald Reagan said: If we lose freedom here, there is no place to … Continue reading How to Fight Political Correctness

Noam Chomsky’s climate claims debunked

Leftist hero Noam Chomsky is a habitual liar, fraud and has no qualms about it. In his mind, Chomsky isn't lying since he's relaying facts as he believes they should be in true postmodern form. Noam Chomsky isn't misguided since as a Leftist intellectual he realizes he holds sway somehow since he gets royalties from … Continue reading Noam Chomsky’s climate claims debunked

Scientist: Postmodern left opposes science “because the truth isn’t always convenient”

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating opinion piece written by Ms. Heather Heying who is a former biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. During July, she and her husband, Bret Weinstein, were targeted by protestors at ESU after coming out against an equity event on campus. In her essay, Ms. Heying … Continue reading Scientist: Postmodern left opposes science “because the truth isn’t always convenient”

Tucker Carlson guest uses postmodernism to try to rewrite NFL narrative

Last night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a fascinating debate with attorney Monique Pressley. During their exchange, Pressley started off by saying President Trump was being intentionally racist by criticizing NFL players for protesting during the national anthem. Carlson countered that it was, in fact, CNN reporters like Chris Cuomo that were inciting racial … Continue reading Tucker Carlson guest uses postmodernism to try to rewrite NFL narrative