Anti-fracking forces take fight to local level

The Northern Plains Resource Council held a conference this past Saturday in Billings, Montana and outlined their strategy to prevent fracking in communities they are active. According to a local Montana television station KPAX, Environmental Attorney Helen Slottje (who spoke at the group’s event) said people can lobby city and county government in order to ban fracking from their communities. She went on to point out that she and her husband also supported efforts in almost 200 communities in New York to enact bans or delays on fracking and now the couple are in Montana to duplicate their efforts.

It’s obvious that environmentalists can’t win in the intellectual arena so, like any ideologically driven group, they resort to the political. Despite the multitudes of studies showing hydraulic fracturing is safe, the eco-wackos will have their way come hell or high water. Despite humans needing fossil fuels to power our civilization, these Green Luddites deem themselves as knowing better than the rest of us what is best.