Study: GMO’s safe to feed animals, humans

Results of a study published in the Journal of Animal Science was released today in which it is touted as being the most comprehensive research ever done on genetically modified foods. The results of the research conclude that GMO foods fed to livestock are safe to eat and are nutritionally equivalent to non-GMO foods. The research took into account 100 billion animals from 1983 to 2001 in which nothing unusual was found among animals who consumed GMO food.

Field data used the results of more than 100 million animals consuming GMO’s and non-GMO’s before and after 1996. One scientist used statistics from 29 years of livestock productivity and health. The results were that GMO consumption resulted in the same effects and animals who consumed non-GMO’s. The significance of this research is that it involved livestock animals whom were given biotech foods. One scientists was also quoted as saying that studies consistently show that over half of animals used for meat, poultry, eggs and ham were fed scientifically enhanced foods are no different than animals fed non-biotech foods.

Environmentalists demonize genetically modified foods (or GMOs) and attempt to scare people into not eating them. The eco-wackos decry them as frankenfoods and even go so far as to encourage the destruction of facilities geared toward their research like what happened in the Philippines when Greenpeace sanctioned the destruction of a GMO research facility. But this isn’t done just to curtail human consumption but is an outright attack on our food supply. This study may not be able to blunt the mean greenie’s criticism but they can no longer argue scientifically that bio tech foods are bad for human or even animal consumption.

It is high time for people to question the claims of the environmentalist movement with regards to this and other issues as well. The anti-GMO activists and groups are very similar to the anti-vaccine movement. Both groups are driven by an anti-science agenda but both claim to be based on science when, in fact, they are not. Fortunately, studies like this will help refute the claim that GMO foods are poison just like the claims that vaccines cause autism has been debunked also. Science is the result of people using their reason in order to better understand the universe and to bend nature so humans can survive and live. Opposition to science is opposition to life itself.