Animal “rights” groups ratchet up anti-vivisection activism

German and Italian anti-vivisection activism on the part of animal rights groups has increased as of late. According to Nature magazine, an estimated 800 protesters demonstrated in front of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, Germany Saturday calling for an end to medical testing the organization conducts using monkeys. A protest organizer stated their group will continue their efforts until animal testing at the facility is halted.

Back in September, an animal rights group was able to secretly take footage of some of the operations of the Max Planck Institute’s alleging misconduct. The video prompted an investigation in which it even ended up on German television. The Society found no misconduct occurred at their testing laboratory. As it turns out, animals are being used in the Institute’s lab for studies on how the human brain works.

A similar operation took place a few days earlier then the German incident at the medical laboratory at Sapienza University of Rome. A popular Italian television program featured an undercover video taken by an Italian animal rights group as part of a report for the program alleging scientists at the facility were working in secret and unsupervised. The university denied the accusations stating their records of lab tests are transparent to the point where records can be found on the lab’s website.

European lab researchers are worried about the increased anti-animal testing activism and their fears are justified. Using animals in medical testing has lead to groundbreaking discoveries in new drugs and therapies not only for diseases but even psychiatric and medical treatments for a variety of illnesses. All of this does not matter to animal rights groups since they equate the life of an animal with that of a human based on either being’s ability to feel pain. The crucial thing groups, like PETA, refuse to consider is the evidence is indisputable that medical testing on animals saves human lives.

None of this means anything to groups like those who tried to slander the two animal testing labs in Germany and Italy. As far as animal rights organizations are concerned, it is not only immoral to conduct medical experiments on animals but also to consume them for food, own them for companionship, or even wear their fur or make material out of them in order to clothe us. Pro-animal organizations, in turn, follow through by not only taking illegal footage at animal testing labs, so-called animal rights groups also commit numerous violent acts in order to prevent animals being used by humans in any manner. PETA has even taken the side of an animal involving an attack on a human being in which they later scolded the person for the attack despite the victim not having done anything to provoke it.

Animal rights groups have a sick, demented, twisted code of ethics which is not grounded in the care or concern for the lives of animals but out of a hatred of men. It is this hatred that motivates activities like attempts to slander animal testing labs, firebomb or vandalize meat production facilities, publicly condemn people for eating meat in fast food restaurants, and even lie about the treatment of animals at dairy farms. Unlike humans, animals cannot reason and a human being’s ability to think is why homosapiens are nature’s favored species. I do not condone animal cruelty but I hate people who hate my existence and go so far as to attempt to condemn myself, my loved ones, and others who have not harmed me to suffer and die due to the animal rights movements’ perverse world view which includes opposing animal testing to benefit mankind.