Environmentalists oppose economic expansions in NY and Tennessee

If environmentalists aren’t seeking to restrict carbon dioxide, ban GMO’s, outlaw medical testing on animals, preventing economic development is also one of their hallmarks. If spotted owls are not available to hold up front of news cameras then the groundwater and natural resources argument is available in their bag of tricks. On Long Island, NY, Newsday reports an environmentalist group and other local NIMBYs are scolding state regulators for approving the expansion of a sand mine.

It’s obvious the local greens and residents in Bridgehampton, NY are trying to drive the mine out of business. If you would like to know what is really going on consider this quote from the attorney for the mine’s owner:

“They’ve greatly exaggerated the nature of this,” Eagan said. “It’s clearly not a compost facility, which has triggered this concern for groundwater up the island, in Yaphank. We don’t do anything like that in terms of quantity.”

In Tennessee state regulators have given the go ahead for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to expand its waste landfill to accommodate ash waste from its coal-fired power plant. The TVA asserts the landfill expansion is part of the utility’s conversion from wet to dry storage of coal ash in which the project itself will cost approximately $2 billion. The permit will allow the utility to store coal ash and other material in a dry, as opposed to wet, state. TVA believes this is the best alternative so the surrounding community will not be affected.

Environmentalists won’t have it. The local Sierra Club are already criticizing the plan stating the research down for it was not enough and the land in question is prone to sink holes. A geologist linked to the group alleges the research for the land was based on outdated and inadequate information. As it turns out, the EPA decided last week to classify coal ash as waste on par with garbage rather than a hazardous material. Since environmentalists didn’t get their way, they are now attempting to put up roadblocks on plans like this in order to put pressure on the TVA’s coal-fired plant since greens consider coal to be a major pollutant that contributes to global warming via coal’s carbon dioxide emissions.

The above examples demonstrate that environmentalists are not about preserving or protecting nature but use nature as an excuse to prevent certain types of development they do not like. They are ultimately anti-industry and development since they consider human activity to be a threat to the needs of nature. Never mind what humans want or can benefit from, if humans need to expand facilities to make their lives better it should be stopped no matter what since doing so is a threat to the divinity of nature.