Meet the pediatricians who help parents opt-out of vaccinating their kids

Citing a school in Michigan closing down due to a pertussis outbreak, the science and commentary website iO9 took the opportunity to not only highlight the problem in states, like Michigan, who make it easy for parents to opt-out of vaccinating their children but also to profile a group of sympathetic pediatricians who help them do so.

The article cites Massachusetts findings that the parents of almost 1200 students obtained philosophical or religious exemptions so their kids could attend school. A population of unvaccinated kids more than double than twenty years ago. A Boston Globe reporter named Chelsea Rice decided to investigate why this was happening. She discovered an enclave of pediatricians who, for various reasons, don’t believe in forcing parents to immunize their children. Consequently, their names are shared by anti-vaccine groups through word of mouth or posted on internet websites. During her investigation, Rice discovered one homeopathic website owned by an Ohio firm that publicized nine Boston-area pediatricians who do not push or vaccines or don’t vaccinate at all.

To think that any doctor would not try to convince or persuade parents to vaccinate their children not only is a disservice to their patients but also imposes a risk on others (especially kids) people did not consent to. A virus is a living organism and by not convincing parents to vaccinate their children can lead to all kinds of serious health issues not just for children but even parents. This kind of doctor shopping should be discouraged and said doctors should be penalized for their lack of due diligence on this issue. A doctor’s obligation is to due what is in the best interest of the life and health of a patient. Refusing or neglecting to vaccinate patients is putting someone’s life at risk.