Anti-GMO activists destroy eucalyptus experiments in Brazil

Three varieties of new genetically modified version of eucalyptus trees were about to be introduced in Brazil. The Genetic Literacy Project reports that meeting of the Brazil National Biosafety Technical Commission (CTNBio) in Brasilia was held recently to discuss the tree’s introduction when 300 peasants brought in by the neo-communist group La Via Campesina arrived and dominated the meeting to the point where the forum had to be cancelled.

Soon after, a thousand female activists of Brazil Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) from the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais forcibly occupied a facility of FuturaGene Technology Brazil Ltda. The facility is used by FuturaGene to develop the genetically modified eucalyptus tree in which the MST activists destroyed the seedlings of the GMO eucalyptus trees condemning their environmental impacts. The group alleges that the trees would consume more water than normal. The organizer of the MST action accused the CTNBio of colluding with multinational corporations and business interests while ignoring the alleged environmental and social consequences of GE products.

This act is almost exactly the same kind of terrorist activity that was conducted in the Philippines. There, the environmentalist group Greenpeace helped whip up a furor about golden rice that two far-Left, communist groups destroyed a golden rice crop experiment being conducted at a Nicol-region lab. The laboratory was weeks away from submitting the product for testing to the Philippine Department of Agriculture when activists from two far-Left organizations raided and destroyed the golden rice crop of the International Rice Research Institute.

Yet again we see collaboration or outright association with the far Left and environmentalist groups and causes. In the case of Brazil, like the Philippines, neo-communists seek out, disrupt and outright destroy genetically modified crops and plants. The transgenic eucalyptus trees could be used to preserve and protect endangered forests and even endangered species. But because communists and environmentalists are hostile to capitalism and scientific accomplishments, they prefer to destroy a scientifically altered crop or tree since it is clear that it is devastation and destruction they prefer.